You have your session booked, date marked on the calendar, location is locked down, but now you're starting to freak out about how in the world you are going to come up with the perfect outfits for your whole family! Don't worry, I have put together a few tips that should make this process a much easier one.

Shop Your Closet

You might be surprised at how many options you can come up with in your own closets without having to shop for a single thing. Is there a long flowy dress you've been holding onto because there just hasn't been the "right" occasion to wear it? How about that one dress you know you can put on and feel amazing in. Yes, you may have worn it 100 times, but theres a reason for that right? You KNOW you look amazing in it and the best part about that is, you won't be worrying about what your clothes look like at your session. You'll feel so confident that when little Kate is giggling and squeezing you tight you won't be thinking about how is the dress photographing, you'll be caught up in the moment enjoying every single eskimo kiss and sinking into those sweet snuggles.

Borrow from a Friend

If you're worried that your own items have been seen and worn too much for your photo session, use your resources and ask your family and friends if you can shop their closets for the day! There is a good chance that even if you or your children don't wear the same sizes, your friend will have some awesome accessories like hats, jewelry, shoes, sweaters etc, that you can use to enhance the items you already have. And of course you can offer to return the favor when it's their turn.

Dress Down

Not every family session has to be a styled session. If you are wanting a more intimate session concentrated on capturing the connection in your relationships, you can choose to focus on the simplicity of dressing down. Now Im not saying show up with everyone in white shirts and jeans, but absolutely take that as inspiration and mix and match simple denim with neutral tones. The beauty of keeping the theme simple is knowing WHEN sweet 5 year old danny starts playing in the mud, he's not "messing anything up", he's playing, exploring and adventuring just like he should be at this age so if his shirt ends up in a heap in the grass as he runs around barefoot, jeans rolled up with mud between his toes as you chase him around laughing, well how dang magical is that moment that just stopped time.


Accessories are by far one of the most under valued aspects to a session. Im not just talking about props here, although blankets are always welcome at any session. Think about adding textured, depth and color to your outfits. Wear a sweater over your dress, a layered necklace, that gorgeous floral headpiece for your daughter, a blazer over a nice sweatshirt for your husband, a beanie or hat for your son. The list goes on and on and the possibilities are endless! If you aren't sure you can always throw a few options in the back of the car and Ill be happy to look through them and help you choose which ones to try though out the session.

Shop Discount Stores

Not only are there stores in our local neighborhoods that hold some pretty unique finds at times but now with the help of facebook, we have facebook marketplace at our fingertips. There are multiple facebook pages and groups for reselling kids clothing and women dresses and on instagram as well. Watch out for your local consignment sales. Shop amazon, half the dresses I suggest during styling consultations these days come from amazon.

Just a reminder, your photos are of course important and your clothing should be something you think about and prepare for BUT it's not everything. No-one will know that you didn't go out and buy a brand new wardrobe for photos and honestly in 15 years the only thing you'll be looking at is the love and joy you see on each others faces.

I hope this helps! I am available for a styling consult if you still have questions and will be releasing my what to wear styling guide soon! If you'd like to set up a styling consultation or get on the list for the what to wear guide click below.